Image Flair – Academy of Modern Etiquette
The team at Image flair believes your image is indeed worth a thousand words. In today’s society, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Many people do not know that image and etiquette play a major role in their personal and professional lives. Training provided through interactive courses creates successful and confident people that know how to get exactly what they want out of life.

The Image Flair staff is made up of trainers that are highly experienced in delivering a broad range of courses that include Professional Business Etiquette and Grooming, Skin Care and Makeup Consultation, Professional Image-Colour and Style, Effective Communication Skills, Leadership and Team Building, Effective Speaking and Presentation Skills, Interpersonal Communication Skills, Sales and Motivation.

Children’s workshops at Image Flair are fun educational interactive courses designed specifically with children in mind. At a young age, children are more open to learning new things that they can carry with them throughout life. Image Flair children love these workshops, they always want to return. Parents are very impressed with the positive changes their children present.

School workshops are also available at Image Flair; training includes a mixture of Grooming, Social Skills, Confidence Building, Dining Etiquette, Voice and Verbal Expression, Effective Thinking and Study Skills, Oral Presentation, Poise and Posture among many skills.

Co-founder and President of Image Flair, Eunice successfully completed her image training with the Association of Image Consultants International’s (AICI) Carla Mathis AICI CIM of Body Beautiful USA, one of six Certified Color Image Masters in the world and Christina Ong AICI CIP of Imageworks Asia. Eunice is also a co-founder of Academy of Modern Etiquette International (Hong Kong), a “Founding” Member and Master Trainer of International Civility Trainer’s Consortium (ICTC), a associate member of The Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), a certified Professional make-Up Artist and a partner of Women’s Integration Network Council.

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