Civility Expert’s CEO – and Bestselling Business Author of the recent book “The 30% Solution – How Civility In the Workplace Increases Retention, Engagement and Profitability”, Lew Bayer was asked what personal “rule” she adheres to in the workplace, and what her best advice would be to someone on the question of work/life balance.

In response, she wrote : “As a leading civility expert for the past 18 years, there is one rule I have tried to abide by and it has served me well. The rule is “Bring your best self to every situation, every interaction, and every communication”. I find that when I hold myself to a high standard, make an effort to act, speak, look, and generally be my best- most professional, most attentive, most considerate, most well-informed etc, this impacts how others respond to me, and builds trust because I don’t expect others to uphold standards that I don’t hold myself to.