Regardless of where you live, healthcare is a concern for most people. Health insurance and reform are certainly hot topics in the US but Canadians are just as concerned about long waits, medical staff shortages and rising costs. Due to politics, cost-cutting, and outdated policy , healthcare is one sector where incivility seems to have taken hold. But it’s not too late to fix things. I’ve just had the pleasure of reviewing a great new book that is well worth the read. And if you’re still not convinced you need to make some changes in your workplace, take a short “Symptoms of Viral Incivility” assessment offered at
The Real Healthcare Reform” – How Embracing Civility Can Beat Back Burnout and Revive Your Healthcare Career by Leekey and Turnure captures what I, as a leading civility expert, feel is a very important distinction between “civility” and “etiquette” in that there is intention and attention involved with civility- embracing civility really a values proposition more than it’s about going through the motions and being polite just because you are told to. I also appreciated the undercurrent messaging of personal accountability, standards and choice- all fundamental to fostering civility but often forgotten about and rarely taught in professional settings.
This book would benefit any one in a services-oriented profession but it is a must-read for healthcare professionals. The book provides a mini- toolbox that
practitioners, administrators, and even patients, can use to embrace civility;  assessments, reflection activities, and quick exercises- all you can use immediately on-the-job and see benefits to individuals, teams, and maybe entire organizations. Congratulations Linda and Stacey on a timely and
important book, thank you for choosing civility!
Lew Bayer,
President & CEO
Civility Experts Worldwide.
Publication Date: May 8, 2012
Do you feel burned out, beaten down, belittled or bullied on the job? You are not alone!
Bullying, back-stabbing and belittling among healthcare employees is shrouded in a long history of secrecy and denial. Now the secret is out: an epidemic of incivility infects most healthcare workplaces. A culture of incivility ruins trust among healthcare teams and leaves employees feeling exhausted, hopeless and dissatisfied with their jobs.
For healthcare employees like you, the most important reform has nothing to do with politics. Instead, the real healthcare reform lies in curing the
“disease” of incivility that is plaguing your workplace.
The Real Healthcare Reform: How Embracing Civility Can Beat Back Burnout and Revive Your Healthcare Career
is a step-by-step action plan that leads readers on a personal journey toward changing their outlook, improving their professional relationships and reviving their healthcare careers. It offers the tactics and strategies you need to put civility to work and start cleaning up the toxic atmosphere at your job.
Topics covered in the book include how to:
  • Enhance your self-awareness.
  • Showcase your personal and professional integrity.
  • Build strong professional relationships.
  • Get along with co-workers, despite your differences.
  • Eliminate gossip and bullying in the workplace.
  • Prevent and/or resolve conflicts with co-workers.
  • Deal with extreme incivility at work.
    Learn more….Check out “The REAL Healthcare