Oh those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. Welcome the sun and head to the beach. Pack your sunglasses, sunscreen, a cold drink, a good book, and don’t forget to leave room for your manners. Many a sunny day has been ruined by rude behavior at the beach. Canada’s etiquette ladies have a remedy for preventing the “sting” of bad manners at the beach. Follow these guidelines and you won’t get burned:

  1. Be mindful of others personal space. Why is it that the whole beach will be empty and the family of seven with the noisy dog alwayssits two feet from you? Even though the beach is public, people appreciate a little personal space. If there’s room- leave a little room between you and the next guy.
  2. While you’re respecting their physical space, show some respect for your neighbor’s ears and eyes too. Even if you’re honeymooning, people are not impressed by intimate and ongoing public displays of affection-particularly if their children are close by. Be mindful of conversation topics too. Lewd language and offensive gestures can easily be overheard by neighboring sunbathers. Keep your music at an appropriate level too.
  3. Don’t engage in dangerous activities on a crowded beach. Frisbee might not be appropriate if you risk hitting an innocent bystander in the head.
  4. Follow the rules. If pets are not allowed on the beach, don’t bring your dog along. If smoking is not allowed, don’t smoke.
  5. Don’t monopolize the facilities. If there is a line up for the public shower, maybe you can wait to shave your legs at home later, or if you can see someone else needs to use the washroom, don’t read your magazine in the toilet.
  6. Clean up after yourself! Don’t litter, and make a point of picking up your pop cans and garbage when you leave. If you happen to come across some garbage left by someone else, go ahead and pick it up too.
  7. Even though someone seems friendly enough, don’t borrow his or her things. It’s actually very rude to ask to use a stranger’s inner tube or their sunscreen. Most people will say yes if you ask, but only because they’ve been put on the spot. People are equally uncomfortable watching your things while you roam the beach. Don’t take advantage of friendly neighbors.
  8. Practice water safety guidelines. If the swim lines are clearly roped off, don’t swim beyond to show off. You never know if the undertow will get you or if a younger child will think you’re cool and try to imitate you. Even if you think it’s funny, water safety is not a joke.

Think you’re ready for the beach? Realsimple.com provides this convenient checklist so that you can make sure to bring all the essentials:

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Beach season starts with a complementary bathing suit. It
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