These tips from Civility Experts CEO and bestselling author Lew Bayer focus on electronic communications and social media business etiquette.

1. Always consider the impact of your words.  How will the person receiving the communication potentially feel – and is this what you intended?

2. Remember that people might laugh at the jokes or jump on the bandwagon and pass on mean threads or posts – but that  doesn’t mean that they won’t remember who started it- and trust you less .

3. Be mindful that online is often forever- those nasty things you post, inappropriate images or language…all that could come back to haunt you.

4. It’s your personal credibility at stake. Do you want to be perceived as rude or unprofessional or uneducated?  Think about the impression you are sending!

5. Always check your grammar.   Poor grammar is often interpreted as laziness, haste, low education, – or low social intelligence .

6. When in doubt –  be kind! Always choose being kind over popular, choose being kind over being right, choose being kind over having the last word .