CIVILITY EXPERTS CEO LEW BAYER NOW BESTSELLING BUSINESS AUTHOR Lew Bayer’s ten book, “THE 30% SOLUTION – How Civility at Work Increases Retention, Engagement, and Profitability” was published in early 2016; and it’s groundbreaking ideas, have been greeted with excitement in the publishing and business worlds. This Canadian bestseller has been garnering rave reviews from the business community, and Lew has been contacted by many mainstream media outlets, with hosts expressing fascination about a topic we just do not hear enough about – civility in the workplace and the many positive differences it can make. Since it’s publication, Lew has been kept busy speaking to businesses of all sizes, of all industries, across North America about how they can increase their revenues while creating more positive environments for customers and employees. Contact us to arrange a seminar or speaking engagement with Lew Bayer at your corporate location. Booking now for 2017!