Consider the Mental and Physical Impact of Workplace Bullying

You are more likely to be bullied at work than in school. Seems unlikely, doesn’t it? After all, there are all those movies, novels, and TV shows with bullying being rife in school. The nerdy kid gets it, the weak kid gets it, the strange or different get bullied. However, while 20% of children being bullied is a huge number, 25% of people suffer some kind of bullying in the workplace.

It is something that society, companies, and management need to get a grip on. In fact, management are often key levers in the bullying cycle whether handing it down or encouraging a pro-bullying environment. In Japan, for example, companies will often not fire anyone, but will instead encourage all other employees to heckle, shun, and obstruct an employee until they quit.

There is a massive health and well-being risk to those who are bullied. This creates PTSD like symptoms and raises the risk of depression, heart attacks, poor performance, and suicide. It also harms any business if its employees are acting in a way which is detrimental to each other’s health and the company’s objectives. Why Team Building have created an expert guide to go into the topic of workplace bullying and its mental and physical impacts in more depth.