It often seems that some workplace superiors – maybe your boss? have taken to heart the message that you need to be authoritarian in order to be a respected leader.  This is rarely, if ever the case.  In fact the opposite is more often true.

A great leader inspires others to express their good ideas and bring their talents to the table.  A great leader nurtures leadership qualities in others.

Quite often, an overly authoritarian boss will have quite the opposite effect.  Instead of building a strong team where each member is proud of their contribution and unafraid to point out issues and problems that could weaken the group or organization if left unattended.   Instead, he’ll have a nervous team too afraid to speak up or rock the boat, lest they be singled out or yelled at.

Today’s businesses have to train their team leaders to be just that – leaders -with the benefit of the team they lead and the people that make it up at heart.