Civility Experts is excited to Partner with Spark Success Coaching and Jamie Davidoff.

Jamie Davidoff is a Leadership Coach and Organizational Culture Consultant. She coaches, consults, facilitates, and trains. Jamie is committed to working collaboratively with clients to create the required momentum and energy to move forward with sustainable strategy and action. She believes that the development and growth of people and leadership contributes to organizational benefits such as attraction, retention, innovation, customer and client engagement, and business

Lew Bayer of Civility Experts remarks, “Civility doesn’t happen by accident, it’s a learned skill and the ability to set goals and think differently is essential to building this skill. To help meet the ever-increasing demands for civility training Civility Experts is partnering with Jamie Davidoff and the team at Spark Success who specialize in leadership and organizational culture coaching.”

A sample of the offerings provided by Jamie are below:
SPARK SUCCESS by Jamie Davidoff

Spark Success: Foundations Workshop – 1-day vision, goals and organizational culture development
(group or 1:1)
Spark Success: Transformational Leadership Programs
Spark Success Virtual Coaching Program – 6-month program
Spark Success ‘In Person’ Coaching Program – 6-month program
Spark Success Virtual VIP Program – 6-month program with ‘burst’ session (also applies to ‘In Person’
Coaching Package plus virtual ‘burst’ coaching)
Spark Success: The 3 C’s – Organizational Consulting Programs
Spark Success Competencies Program: Engaged Leadership
• Expand your leadership knowledge, skill set and competencies
• Practice and implement people-centred leadership
• Engage your team members and create alignment
• Influence team productivity and fulfilment
• Create the environment for creative and innovative solutions
• Overcome barriers to effective communication, delegation and feedback
Spark Success Collaboration Program: Productive Teams
• Learn to coach your team for alignment, productivity and innovation
• Provide 3rd party training and team coaching to your team for them to learn and apply
engagement competencies
• Provide a sustainable forum and environment for your team to create and implement together
• Create a collaborative culture where people openly share and build upon best practices for team
• Influence the teams that you interact with and have your team work seamlessly with other
teams to produce cohesive outcomes and experiences for customers/clients
Spark Success Corporate Culture Program: Customer-centric Organizational Culture
• Create compelling vision and mission and values
• Lead the way and demonstrate the behaviours that you would like your team to replicate
• Create an organization-wide culture that breaks down silo’s and gets your departments working
together towards your desired vision
• Create systems and processes that make it easy for your team to do business with your
• Find ways to provide your team with flexibility to respond to customers in real time
• Develop recognition and reward initiatives to acknowledge and encourage the development and
use of customer centred competencies
• Put systems in place to consistently and frequently take the temperature or your team and
customer/client engagement and respond so that you delight your customer/clients and they
bring more customers/clients to your organization
• Be strategic about how to gauge and nudge the complex systems in and outside of your

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