How can civility in the workplace lead you to new career plateaus?  Communication is the key.  If you present yourself as a cool and confident professional who always makes a point to be gracious to everyone you meet, no matter what their position might be, you will find it to be to your benefit.  If you find yourself in an elevator or at the lineup in the local cafeteria with a workplace superior, don’t be afraid to engage in a little light conversation.  If you have the chance to mention a project you are working on, or that you are available to help out with something else, you may stick out in their minds as a valuable employee with the confidence needed to take the next career step.

It’s just as important to reach out to people whose jobs may not be as prestigious.  Not only because its the right thing to do, but also because from a networking perspective you have no idea how someone might be able to aid your future career goals.  In today’s connected world – you never know WHO someone knows….