Everyone has a “bad boss” story.  Some have “bad boss” horror stories.  In fact, it is reported that “25% of managers who admitted to having behaved badly said they were uncivil because their leaders—their own role models—were rude.”

This is a business crisis.  With recent research proving the link between happiness in the workplace (as evidenced by things like civility, manners, and respect of diversity)  are intrinsically linked to profits, the loss of dollars as a direct result could be in the billions – and the cost to the emotional and mental health of North America’s far-too-stressed employees – is incalculable.    One influential recent survey said that only 35% of American’s say they are happy at their job.  35% say a pay raise would make them happy – while 65% expressed that a better boss would.

This speaks volumes – and in a business environment where employee retention translates into real dollars  it matters.