What Is Causing All The Incivility In Our Workplaces?

WHAT IS CAUSING ALL THE INCIVILITY IN OUR WORKPLACES? Is this what you think your staff looks, managers? Thinking, maybe. Happy and compatible, unfortunately not likely. Bad behavioral choices in employees can be costly in morale and retention. So if you have a toxic workplace, everyone’s success suffers. In my humble opinion, all of these [...]

I Am Way Too Sick & Tired To Be Nice To You!

Is it possible that we are literally too sick and tired to be nice?  Maybe. Rudeness and retention do not mix.  Managers, your employees say so.  Sad to say, they would rather have less money than have a boss that is not a champion of civility in the workplace. So why exactly are people so [...]

April Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (April 1, Winnipeg, MB) In the Month of April, The Civility Center Reminds us - "I am a global citizen. Every person has value and I can make a difference." Internationally renowned as the “go to” organization for anything related to civility, The Civility Center, has created a monthly calendar that includes [...]

How Do We Solve The Problem Of Incivility In The Workplace?

So, managers, who're worse: the folks in the other room or those who are spying on them?  Who is right and who is wrong really doesn’t matter as long as whatever the inappropriate behaviour is addressed. Civility in the workplace is paramount to success.  Bullying, poor morale, toxic environments and rudeness can all be improved, [...]

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

As Henry David Thoreau said, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”  If Thoreau were experiencing life at work today and over the next decade as we make our way towards 2025, I suspect he’d agree with me, that the mass of men, and women, are not so quiet in their desperation! How [...]

Crushed by Incivility at Work!

Workplace statistics show that the majority of us are physically exhausted, stressed, and over extended, and many of us are miserable in our jobs.   We’re worn down and less resilient than we once were.  We’re burnt out.  Our health is at stake, our home lives are suffering.   We don’t have the time or [...]

Cellphone Manners And Rudeness

CELLPHONE MANNERS AND RUDENESS At last count, there were 20 MILLION more cellphones than people in the United States... and 3/4 of those polled...75% - say that people using cell phones have gotten ruder and ruder over the years. People using cell phones are clearly paying more attention to the people they are talking to [...]

Business Etiquette In An Electronic World

BUSINESS ETIQUETTE IN AN ELECTRONIC WORLD A giant percentage of business communication in today's world takes place via email. Communication in an electronic world is even more important than it has ever been. Losing the cues of face to face communication make it ever more urgent that people are well spoken with the written word [...]

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