Macaroni and Please: Start a Civility Initiative in your school today.

MANNERS CAN BE FUN! Perfect for Schools, church groups, children's community programs, and Childcare Centers... the Macaroni and Please™ Civility Initiative for Schools Program The Macaroni and Please program includes: A half-day overview and planning workshop for your Civility Initiative committee with Civility expert Lew Bayer where you will learn: How to define and describe civility [...]

Ground-breaking Organizational Civility Assessment now available.

THE ORGANIZATIONAL CIVILITY SCALE Assessing Civility in Your Workplace BY IDENTIFYING THE SYPMTOMS OF INCIVILITY AT WORK YOU CAN MANAGE AND REDUCE THE COST OF RUDENESS  TO YOUR BOTTOM LINE! Research confirms that there is a tangible cost of incivility to business. Whether you are a small business or a multi-national corporation, fostering civility in [...]

Civility Experts Worldwide official representative for EVERY GIRL CAN CANADA

A personal development and enrichment program of KYMS Image International, LLC Every Girl Can ™ is a fun, creative, interactive program to help girls prepare to be everything they can be. Every girl who participates fully in the program will learn how to sharpen their personal image, improve self–esteem, and self confidence and communicate the right [...]

Civility Certification and Resource Center for Trainers

If you have just started an etiquette training business or if you are a trainer or speaker in another field who occasionally needs etiquette and/or culturally-specific training tools or expert advice to supplement your services, a general membership would be of benefit to you in the following ways: On-demand access to etiquette tips, sources, monthly [...]

NEW Civility at Work books and materials.

Build Your Own Training Toolkits Packages NEW Civility Train the Trainer programs Start Your Own Etiquette Business Train the Trainer Setting Workplace Standards Trainer Guide Setting Workplace Standards- Business Etiquette Briefs Etiquette Around the World - Culture Reports Etiquette Essentials Tip Sheet Packs The Civility at Work Series- Trainer Lessons The Culture at Work Series- [...]

Start Your Own Civility Training Business

Are you an entrepreneur starting your own etiquette business? Are you a workplace trainer who wants to add respect and leadership training to your in-house program? Are you a parent or teacher who wants to teach children respect and manners? Civility Experts offers a comprehensive Train-the-Trainer workshops for anyone wanting to start teaching civility. Visit Etiquette [...]

Become a certified Culture Coach and build cultural competence in your workplace.

The Culture Coach© Toolkit Includes: *The COCC Setting Your Cultural Compass™Trainers Guide *7 comprehensive ready-to-use Civility Experts Culture at Work® Lesson Plans complete with instructor notes, participant handouts and answer keys. *Optional training via Webinar with Culture Coach® experts from all over the world. *Special rates on add-on Civility at Work© Training Kits *12 month [...]

Civility Training Toolkits, Books, E-Books, Online Civility Training, On-demand Webinars, Train the Trainer and more…

Civility Experts Worldwide is pleased to offer more than 140 civility-oriented books, toolkits, workshops, webinars and more. We also offer Civility Trainer Certification through our partner International Civility Trainers' Consortium (ICTC) and Cultural Competence and Culture Coach ™ memberships and services through our partner The Center for Organizational Cultural Competence. Build Your Own Training Toolkits Packages [...]

Best-selling civility books are now available as e-books.

Whether you're taming the 7 year old Slobbergobblerex at your dinner table, coaching a young graduate how to navigate an important interview, planning your company picnic or figuring out how to manage the office bully, a little help from Canada's Civility Experts can come in handy. Several of our best-selling civility books are now available [...]

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