Civility Experts, a multinational training group recognized worldwide as leaders in business civility training, is proud to announce the addition of Rochelle Huppé, who will be joining the company on Monday as Director of Business Development.

“I am so excited about this new opportunity with Lew and the rest of the Civility Experts team. I am looking forward to further discovering all that Civility Experts has to offer, and how I can use my skills and passion to further my own goals as well as those of the the Civility Experts team, ” said Ms. Huppé.

Rochelle brings a wealth of experience to the position. With a strong academic background, and Bacheror of Arts in English and History, she also has a Bachelor’s of Education with a focus on senior years education. Having been an active substitute for nearly half a decade, she also has experience teaching both Early and Middles years students in the public school system. Skilled in working with adult learners in diverse situations, she’s also worked at the University of Manitoba, doing everything from teaching academic writing to first year university students, to working with International Students on English language learning.

Civility Experts CEO Lew Bayer said : “It’s rare to find someone with both the social savvy and the academic experience that Rochelle brings to the Civility Experts team, we are looking forward to working with her and anticipate her enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit will help us continue to grow our international brand.”

Lew Bayer is also the author of the recent business bestseller, “The 30% Solution – How Civility at Work Increases Retention, Engagement and Profitability ” ( ).

“The 30% Solution offers organizations a proactive civility solution- a structured, competency-based plan for changing their workplace culture. Organizations must plan, and then implement, this type of change, or, in not doing so, they must expect to pay the high costs of incivility in their workplaces. The benefits of incorporating civility into the workplace, as detailed in research by Weber and Shadwick, include up to 30% more revenue than competitors and four times increased likelihood that employees will be highly engaged. Further, civility training could result in your organization being 20% more likely to report reduced turnover – all of these outcomes are both measurable and significant.”

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