As a result of a recent press release about the success of her new book, Civility Experts Lew Bayer was recently invited to WHAT SHE SAID, a syndicated radio show, to talk about civility in the workplace, and recent studies that actually prove civility makes a real difference in the profit margin of any kind of company – large or small, no matter what the industry is.


Lew wasn’t able to make it to the studio in Toronto, so our fantastic affiliate Anjali Handa was – and she did a fantastic job educating the masses on this important information!


Radio hosts Christine Bentley and Kate Wheeler, both top Canadian journalists with impressive histories who have interviewed everyone from presidents to top entertainers – were fascinated with the topic of how civility really matters in real life situations, and how it effects the bottom of line of companies.


In our next blog, we’ll break down some of the important information Anjali shared!


In the meantime – Check out the video of the radio show here :