for your business.      

In a global economy, understanding and embracing cultural differences is more than a good idea. It’s a competitive advantage. From sales to operations to education, it’s no secret that better communication equals better business. Take your work team on a Diversafari- a workplace culture adventure that combines global cultural awareness with proven adult learning methods to deliver immediate results in the workplace.


Civility Experts is pleased to offer DIVERSAFARI- a new workplace Culture Coach Train-the-Trainer program.

The Program and Tools

Experienced trainers know that an effective learning process integrates awareness, knowledge and skills. Leveraging decades of international training experience, we have incorporated these three key elements into a scalable, reusable and extremely practical learning program of tools designed to maximize knowledge retention and real-world application of valuable insights and skills.

Who can benefit from the Diversafari training program?

There is a growing body of data to support what we see first-hand time and time again: diversity training has the potential to increase productivity, sales, retention and customer satisfaction. And these benefits ultimately translate into a stronger bottom line.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: $5850.00 plus taxes includes Train the Trainer workshop, all training materials for up to 4 participants, and facilitator travel expenses.             EMAIL for more information.



Items included in the Diversafari training package:  Full-day Train- the-trainer workshop for up to 4 members of your work team

  • 3 x 4-foot Learning Map – Visually engaging model of the learning journey used to plan and track each participant’s progress.
  • Facilitator’s Guide – for eachParticipant
  • 47 Exercise Cards + 8 Communication Tools – System of resources designed tomaximize knowledge retentionand real-world application ofvaluable insights and skills.
  • Four Sets of Case Studies
  • Sturdy, attractive carrying bag
  • 12 month membership to the Culture Coach® Resource Center
  • The Culture Challege© quiz cards
  • Supplemental books and training tools.
  • BONUS- Lesson 1 in The Culture at Work™- Building Cultural Competence Series by Civility Experts.